Q. What is the objective of Epic Research in doing this Webinar series ?

A: Epic always believes in Educating and Training the Investor and Trader community in the Financial Market arena, in the same endeavour we are running this webinar series, which allows anybody from across the Globe to attend the Education Program at FREE of charge

Q. Who can attend this session ?

A : Anybody who seriously has a zeal and quest to learn the deep insights of successfully trading and making money in the Financial Market arena.

Q. Can a client of Epic Research attend these sessions ?

A: Yes

Q. How does a webinar work ?

A: A webinar is like a live seminar/ training session, the only difference is you are hearing the webinar on your system at your place with a simple computer, internet connection and a speaker.

Q: Is it an audio visual system ?

A: Yes, this is an audio visual system, similar to your watching videos on youtube, the only difference is that this webinar would be LIVE and you can ask your questions at the end of the session.

Q: Who will be the speakers ?

A: Speakers in this webinar series would be market experts having huge experience into Research and Training in the Financial Market domain

Q: What will be the language used in these sessions ?

A : We would be using a mix of English and hindi

Q: Can a Sub broker/ Broker attend this session?

A: Yes

Q. What are the charges for attending the Webinar ?

A: NO charge, this webinar series is in continuation to our Customer Education program and is FREE for all

Q. How can I attend the webinar session?

A: You just need to register through our Webinar webpage at http://www.epiclearning.org/upcomingwebinars/ , and you will receive the joining link on your email id.

Q. What If after registering I don’t receive an Email ?

A: You first need to check your spam/ junk mail section, there must be a mail from the sender name ‘ Epic Learning Centre’ the mail is being sent by ‘gotowebinar’ server, we recommend you to add ‘customercare@gotowebinar.com’ to your address book, so the mail will directly come to your inbox

Q. What to do next after I get the email ?

A: In the registration confirmation mail you will receive a webinar link, you need to click on that link at the time of start of the webinar, the link will install a small webinar application on your system which will enable.

Q. Can I ask questions during the webinar?

A: Yes we have a Q&A session at the end of the session, where anybody can ask their questions only via chat, currently no voice questions are allowed

Q. What should I do during the webinar session is running?

A: During the LIVE webinar session, you should hear to the speaker and note down all your queries you want to ask at the end of the session

Q. Can I share the webinar details with my friends ?

A: Yes, you can also use social media like Facebook, linkedin etc to share this.

Should you have further queries on the webinar series, feel free to mail us at Info@epiclearning.org