Webinar or ‘Seminar on web’ is a very modern and effective way of training and learning process, here the attendees can view the presentation and hear the speaker LIVE sitting at their home, office, workplace or travelling from anywhere in the world, the reason why webinar outscores the traditional classroom training mode.

Registration process

  • Click on the Registration tab
  • Select the Webinar you want to attend
  • Click on the respective webinar tab
  • Enter your details at the registration page (Ensure you put a valid and active email id).
  • You will receive an email with the webinar link and other details
  • You will also receive a ‘ Reminder Email ‘ 1 hour before the start of the webinar containing the same details.

How to attend ( Post Registration)

  • Go to the webinar confirmation Email/ Reminder mail in your ‘inbox’
  • Click on the ‘ Joining link’ mentioned in the mail / reminder Email
  • A ‘ gotowebinar’ page will open and ask for a confirmation( ensure you have an open access to the internet)
  • Click ‘Yes/ always/ ok/ run’ if asked by the system in order to enter the webinar session.
  • A webinar panel will start installing in your computer, don’t disturb/ cancel that process
  • You will soon see a ‘Webinar screen’ on your PC.
  • You would require a Computer with internet connection with speaker or Head set.
  • Enjoy the Webinar session

Why Webinar

Today learning is earning in markets, but trader who trade in Financial markets lack time and resources to take the ‘first step’ in their learning curve. This webinar helps all those enthusiastic traders to learn the deep insights of the Financial Market arena and make money in the financial markets, the reason why webinar outscores the traditional classroom training mode:

  • No travelling required.
  • A simple PC & internet connection is required.
  • No need to leave your workplace for training.
  • Easy to attend.
  • LIVE training session
  • Q&A session