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Budget 2016: Highlights

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his Budget 2016 speech stressed on Indian economy’s resilience amidst the current global economic turmoil. “Global economy is in a serious crisis. Financial markets have been battered but Indian economy has held its ground firmly.” “IMF has hailed India as a bright spot. Let us look at our achievements compared […]

USA from Oil importer to exporter

Eight years ago, USA imported 13m b/d (million barrels per day) of crude oil and petroleum products. At the end of 2013, this had fallen to 5m b/d. To put this 8m b/d fall in context, recall that Saudi Arabia currently produces 9.4m b/d. In other words, US imports fell by 90 per cent of […]

Retirement plans

Investors will soon have many options to invest for their retirement. Several mutual fund houses, such as SBI, Reliance, Axis, DSP BlackRock, among others, are getting ready to launch their retirement products. Only three fund houses – UTI, Franklin Templeton and Tata – currently offer retirement plans in the country. Mutual funds have been clamouring for approval of their retirement products for a long […]

Measuring Volatility

It is common knowledge that mutual funds are benchmarked against particular market indices. In general, diversified funds are benchmarked against Sensex or Nifty, while sectoral funds are benchmarked against their particular sector index. It is fair to then assume that the ups and downs of any index will affect the funds that are bench marked […]

A cut to conservative Debt investor

Raghuram Rajan has started cutting interest rates and it’s simply impossible to find any comment on it that is not heavily optimistic. Certainly, I’m not about to view coming lower interest rates in a negative light, but simply point out that the impact on savings must be considered. Right now, the focus is on cheaper […]

Don’t mis-take Financial planning

Financial planning is one of the least understood aspects of modern life. The reason is not hard to find. Till as recently as middle of 20th century people had little reason to plan. Their lives were pretty much one track affairs where all that an individual could do was to start early in life, apply oneself […]

The landing of Airlines in India

SPICJET is the recent addition in another failed Airline company in India…….the reasons are  many but a major analysis when we dig deep into the airline industry and system in the country gives  that AIRLINES business and environment in the country is not one of the most conducive in the world   Why with a […]

The crude melt

The crude oil price has fallen to almost 1/3rd since june this year and analysts expects it to fall more, although everything seems good for an net importer country like india, where inflation is easing, costs are coming down and everything seems to be going good.   But if we take a simple fundamental which […]

Should you go for Gold

Gold prices have been dropping of late, and many people are wondering if it is the right time to start investing in gold, but the answer may not be that simple. Gold prices have come down due to various reasons ranging from the global economic recovery, India’s economic recovery, a stronger rupee, and bullish stock […]

Steps to buy right insurance cover

If you are about to take an insurance policy do read the following pointers before taking the policy, so your purpose and investment both are justified enough 1. Insurance required  You can check it by how many dependents, spouse’s income, liabilities, sources of income etc  You will also have to take into account your lifestyle […]