The landing of Airlines in India

SPICJET is the recent addition in another failed Airline company in India…….the reasons are  many but a major analysis when we dig deep into the airline industry and system in the country gives  that AIRLINES business and environment in the country is not one of the most conducive in the world


Why with a country of 120 crore citizens, no airline company is sustaining on a longer term ? only indigo is the company to sustain itself in BLACK and that to with huge difficulty………….


Is the air traffic very low in the country ? or the operating conditions, costs, taxation etc is not in parity for all the players is a very key question before the current government puts up any revival plan lets see this


1. The indian railways despite being one of the most passengers travelled in the World is still running in LOSSES

2. Indian Airlines despite a pathetic management and most stupid business decisions is still given priority in most of the routes and still being funded, why isn’t that put in a PPP model since now is still a mystery to be answered

3. Delhi metro despite having a world class infrastructure, systems processes, security is running in profits since last 5-6 years, how come ?


Now the government first needs to put every AIR player whether private or public on the same level playing field, reduce the ATC charges and charge them on an incremental basis


AIR INDIA either needs to be diluted or should have a seat sharing system with other private operators in the country for both local and domestic routes

Further funding of AIR INDIA be stopped and all the unutilised seats/routes be auctioned/given to private players

a PPP model for running AIR INDIA be implemented asap


India could be a country with the kind of travel traffic and increasing affordability towards AIR TICKET , where the AIRLINES businesses could flourish the best in the world if the systemic issues are addressed properly


hope Mr Modi is listening ( reading) this